Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week One of the Whole Living Challenge

This morning I woke up and had 6 oz of warm water with lemon to start my digestive system. I then had 2 juiced grapefruit that made a little more then 6 oz of fluid and 5 carrots that also made about 6oz of fluid along with a inch of fresh ginger root which made about an oz of fluid. It was a little to strong on the ginger and I drank only 3 oz of it.
We then made the butternut squash apple soup and it was really yummy. However, by dinner I was starving! I decided a "real" dinner was in order and I had Chinese. This was the trend for the rest of the week. Juice or smoothie for breakfast. A salad for lunch and a regular dinner. This Challenge only lasted a week for me. I have continued to juice as I normally do and a healthy lunch. A week worked just fine for me! :-)

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