Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Counting down the days until Disney

I made it through Easter Weekend without saying a peep about our very special surprise for my parents! 10 days and counting! I have got all passports and I am already packed to go on this extremely special vacation! I have had many ideas on how I want to surprise my parents once we(myself and my siblings) board the Disney Magic. We do know that if everything works out we will be on the ship by 1:30. We are hoping they will be at the Adult Pool where we can surprise them there. I have made a special card for them and each of us our wearing t-shirts that I made.

 If you buy them from the Disney store they can cost up to 75 dollars for just three shirts. So, I did the Disney on a Dime option and made my own. I got my t-shirts from wal-mart for under $5.00 each and then bought the Avery iron on shirt sheets( fabric transfers) for $12.00. It was so easy. I picked my images that I wanted and put them in a publisher document. I then printed those images onto the paper just as if I was printing a regular document. I cut out images and ironed them on. I did wash the t-shirts first and let them hang dry for a day so they would not shrink. They are now ready to wear for our very special day!

(this post was not published until after the vacation)

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