Thursday, April 26, 2012

Magical Things Happen on the Disney Magic

Well, the day has come and gone! I took a lot of video and photos of our journey to get to Orlando Florida to surprise my parents!

On Thursday I got my brother and we drove to my parents house. My parents were in Florida at that point. I did not sleep very much I was so excited! The next morning we flew to Florida. 
 My brother and I eating dinner on Thursday Evening! I am pointing to my Mickey Mouse Earrings.

 When we got to Orlando we had a bit of lunch.(well my brother did) I was too nervous!  We met my sister in the airport and then we were on the Disney Bus to Port Canaveral! Disney is so awesome they have a spot to check in for WDW or Disney Cruise line. You get all of your information and cards there! They know how to do vacations! We all had our t-shirts on and it was so awesome! I have it all on video.

When we arrived on board the Disney Magic. We went directly too the adult pool. My sister peeked to see if they were both there but she only saw my dad. We went to the other side of the pool and they were both lounging on chairs. So we staring walking down the staircase waving! (It was a very grand entrance!) My Dad nudged my mother and said  " Your children are here!" My mom's face was priceless. She was in shock! They both were so happy! My mom said "How did you get here?" So, we told them the story!
It was a very magical vacation! Here is my Dad and Mom next to the all the door decorations I made them!
Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary!

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