Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birthday Surprise!

The Wednesday before my birthday(today) me and some of my friends went to a Tai Restaurant for my Birthday. We sat down ordered and then my husband asked one of my friends to give me my birthday present. I turn to my husband and say "Why are you giving me my present now. My birthday is not until Saturday!" I proceed to open my present and it was a new camera (which I picked out a few weeks before). My husband takes it out of the box and then takes a picture of the group. 
See picture below.
 He then says take a look at the picture and I see the picture that was taken and then the following picture is this...
 I say "Oh that is cool." and hand him back the camera so he can put it away. He says: "No Amanda there are more photos."  This is what is next...

 I freak out and say something on the lines of Are you kidding me? This is not a funny joke!
He says NO, Amanda I am taking you to Disney World. I proceed to be shocked and cry and hug him.
He even shows me the paper work so I believe him!
It was the best Birthday Surprise ever! So, after just coming back from a surprise Disney Cruise with my parents my husband (who planned this trip almost a year ago) is taking me to DISNEY WORLD!
If that is not love that I don't know what is! My inner child is screaming and jumping up and down saying "I AM GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!

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