Saturday, July 28, 2012

The beginnings of a kitchen

I present to you the beginnings of my kitchen!  All of our appliances are black as you can see. They are also ADA approved. This means that a person in a wheel chair can use them. 
(Long Story if you want to know ask and I will let you know)
 This black beauty makes ice too!
 Look at the storage options! The moveable drawers! For many of you this might not be exciting but for me it is glorious! I love new, never used appliances and all the options I have for a organized refrigerator!

 They were installing the dishwasher and refrigerator. If you are wondering about the space under the counter tops where cabinets should be, that is also ADA requirements.

 I LOVE this storage and I am NOT a fan of the location. Many emotions run through my head when thinking about it and none of which are happy. Do you see all of the wasted space in the corner? Wasted counter, wasted underneath storage.
 My new stove was in another room out of the way so they could install the dishwasher and refrigerator.
One of my favorite parts about the dishwasher and stove is that there are handles on them and I can put dish towels on the handles. Simple things make me happy!
So, that is the beginning of the kitchen. We plan on adding and fixing mistakes as needed. I will keep you all (family, friends and random blog hoppers) updated as more is complete!

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