Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy First day and or week to some of my teacher friends!

For many of my southern teacher blog friends Happy first week or even day of school!I still have a few weeks (2 and a half) until my first day back with students. I made a quick stop yesterday to drop off a few items in my room and took a few photos of some of my room.
 This is Mrs. Octopus. She is where you return books in my ocean library! This year she is sparkly!
 The beginning of a new school year brings many joys. One of theses joys in brand new school supplies. I color coordinate all of my grades from their erasers to their folders and notebook! I love new school supplies!
 More of my ocean theme around the library!
I can't wait until all my students are back! Especially my second graders! 
We are going to have a great time learning to read and add and subtract!

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