Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Living Room Furnature

Hello Family and Friends, I will try to post each night or the next morning to show you our progress in the moving process.
 Our furniture was delivered on Monday.It was piled into the middle of the room so that the painters could finish the touch up painting and  the contractors could finish fixing things.
 We got a sofa, love seat and a chair and a half. All of our couches have recliners in them!
Last night we went to see if they cleaned the floors. They did not so I did and then we put the sticky foam floor tab things (don't you love my description) on the bottom of all the furniture so they do not scape the floor.
 My love seat waiting for me to sit on it.
 We placed the couches close to the walls so that we could start moving our other furniture in on Wednesday evening.
 Our kitchen chairs.
Our kitchen table came without legs so they will be delivering them tomorrow.
 The chair and a half went into the master bedroom. It will be my comfy reading chair.
 I can't wait until the fall so I can curl up in my chair with my ipad and a nice warm blanket and read!
 Our first out of town visitors stopped by to check out the new place.

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