Monday, August 13, 2012

Moving and unpacking

We started our move to our new home on Thursday and by Friday morning we were finishing up the final few items in the old place.
 This is the Guest Bedroom very empty from this view in the hallway.
 Guest Bedroom with the final bin full of my clothes and shoes from the closet.
 M packing up my desk and moving it out of my office.
 The Living room with all of it's random items.
 20 yellow bins full of our stuff waiting to be loaded into the moving truck. / The back bedroom.
 The whole laundry room was full of our furniture and belongings!
I came to LH 10 years ago with 10 shopping carts worth of stuff and am leaving with 20 bin full of our home!

 This is the view of all of the bins lined up waiting to be moved into our new home!
 Our new living room in much dismay (Monday Morning)

 It has taken 4 days to find the kitchen floor. It is still a work in progress but I insisted on washing everything in the dishwasher before it found it's new home in a cabinet!
My pretty purple bathroom!

Happy Monday!

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